Product Market segmentation Speed Slope Operating environment
Inclined automatic sidewalk Business, hotel, retail, hospital 0.5m/s 10°, 11°, 12° Indoor outdoor
Horizontal automatic sidewalks Infrastructure 0.5m/s Indoor outdoor

Superior performance of moving walk

The truss utilizes first class rectangle steel with unique structure,high strength and nice anti-corruption durable features.

The overall design is concise and smooth and compatible.

The advanced international craftsmanship ensures the accuracy of steps.

The large size dimeter of step roller operates minimizes the noise and prolongs the product life.

The human-oriented handrall entrance is secured by brush.

The skirt together with inerior and outside deck uses dulex stainless steel.

Stamping stainless steel front panels are availadle with various varieties .

It adopts belt braking system controlled by braking motor which brakes smoothly and reliable.

The super CPU main board monitors the operation in real time,if any abnormal situation occurs,it automaticallty brakes and records the malfunctions code.

Customer can choose VVVF drive to control running speed.the energy saving performance is obvious.It can prolong product life and reduce the operation cost.


Standard Function


The skirt board brushes,mounted on both sides of the skirt boards and located above the steps.can not only avoid the passengers,shoes to collide on the skirt boards but also effectively avoid the entry of foreign objects into the steps.


The escalator is richly endowed with the intelligence and popularity by the novel,distinctive,elegant,tensile and modernized streamline handrail inlet and outlet design model.It appears to be more beautiful in the outer appearance. It displays the noobleness and imposing manner of the conveying constructions.


PLC controlled automatic lubrricating system fulfills an ideal automatic lubrication to drive chain in the lift and escalator running process.It not only reduces daily repair and maintenance work-load,but also prolongs service life of the driving mechanism.


High rigidity big profile rail with nose used as transverse step positioning,guarantee the minimum gap between the skirt and step,decrease the possibility of objects clamp in between.


When the drive chain excessive tensile fracture,the escalator stops automatically to protect the safety.


When some defact takes place, the trouble code will be displayed in the defact screen.It ensures the effective and accurate trouble position within the shortest time possible.In this way,it greatly enhances the repair and maintenance efficiency.


When handrail yunning speed and running speed ratio exceeds cascade system settings,escalators stopped running.


When handrail yunning speed and running speed ratio exceeds cascade system settings,escalators stopped running.

More security features

1、Lack of phase, error phase protection If lack of phase or error phase has been checked out, the escalator (moving-walk) will automatically stop the operation.

2. Motor overload protection Automatic circuit disconnects are provided to protect the circuits and power components of Escalators (moving walks).

3. Electrical circuit protection: If the current exceeds 15% of the rated current, the escalator will automatically stop running.

4. Handrail entrance protection: Escalators (moving walks) will automatically stop running when foreign objects are caught at the handrail entrance.

5. Comb plate safety protection device: Escalators (moving walks) will automatically stop when foreign objects are caught in the comb teeth.

6. Step collapse protection device: Escalators (moving walks) will stop before the steps enter the comb plate when abnormal curvature of the steps is detected.

7.DRIVER PROTECTION STRAND BREAKS: Escalators (moving walks) will automatically stop running when the drive chain is overstretched or broken.

8. Cascade chain break protection: When the step (board) chain is overstretched or broken, the escalators (moving walks) will automatically stop running.

9. Overspeed protection: When the escalators (moving walks) overspeed, they will automatically stop running.

10. Non-operational reversal protection: Escalators (moving walks) will automatically stop running when the operation is reversed and the predetermined running direction is violated.

11. Police line: Yellow synthetic resin perimeter lines are located on the front and sides of the Escalators treads to prevent passengers from stepping on the edges of adjacent steps and between the stair and apron panels. police line).

12. Emergency stop button When the button is pressed, the Escalators (moving walks) will stop running.

13. Apron plate protection: Escalators (moving walks) will automatically stop running when foreign objects are caught between the apron board and the steps.

14. Brake protection: When the power is insufficient or any safety device is activated, the braking device will activate the braking function through the spring force, so that the Escalators (automatic moving sidewalk) will stop running.

15. Overhaul the safety switch: A safety device that prevents the escalator from starting during maintenance.

16. Cascade lighting: The upper and lower ends of the escalator and the lower part of the steps are equipped with lighting to remind passengers to pay attention to safety.

17. Start the alarm bell device: When the escalator starts, an alarm bell sounds to remind passengers of safety.

18. Handrail broken belt protection device: When the handrail breaks, the Escalators will stop running.

19. Handrail Speed Monitor: If the handrail speed is slower than a certain percentage, the Escalators (moving walks) will stop running.

20.SKIRT PANEL BRUSH: Optional safety device. There are brushes between the apron board and the steps to keep passengers’ shoes from touching the apron board (not limited to Escalators).

21. Dual independent control system: Make the escalator run more stable and safer.

22. Step missing detection device: Safety devices to protect passengers.

23. Pedal on switch: When the pedals are opened to enter the escalator for maintenance work, the escalator stops and is in a safe state.

24. Braking distance detection: If the stopping distance exceeds 1.2 times the national standard, Escalators and sidewalks cannot be restarted until the fault lock is reset. If necessary, check the braking system and take corrective action before manual reset.

25. Brake release detection: The increase of brake detection and closing is to prevent the motor from running when the brake is not opened, so as to avoid burning the host or causing a fire.

26. Emergency braking device: The drive chain is broken or the brake fails to prevent the escalator from sliding down to ensure the safety of personnel (6m